Valentines Day Wishes

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I have shared the most beautiful moments with you, darling, I will always be thankful for them!

The greatest achievement in my life is stealing your heart, darling!

My love for you is eternal like the sun and lightens up my life!

I'm so blissfully happy, when you are by my side, honey. Thank you for bringing so much joy and magical moments into my life!

Bigger or smaller changes lead us in life all the time, but our love remains the same, strong and unbreakable.

Your love and all the little things that you do fill my heart with joy!

I ran out words to express all the beautiful feelings that I have for you, my love!

Eternal love has no limits and no boundaries. Love makes our hearts filled with joy! Happy Valentine's day!

I will always cherish the gift of true love that I have found when we met. Love you so much, sweetie!

The love that we share is bringing so many beautiful moments in my life. I hope that it will never ends!

My world has totally changed from the very first day when we have met. You help me to notice all the beauty of daily life and I thank you for everything that you gave me!

My dear, I want to let you know that you are so precious to me, I cannot imagine my life without you!

I will stop loving you, when the sun stops shining in the sky, it means at least 4 billion years!

If you want to know how much I love you, look at the sky. It is endless, so is my love for you.

I need you like a tree needs the sun and a bird needs its wings, you are essential to me, I love you so much!

There are no words to express, how deep is my love for you, dear!

It is difficult to write about love, It comes like a tiny luck, sometimes not at the right time, It shines like a small spark, but it turns into a flame very soon. It is difficult to write about love, but it's much more difficult to live without love. Happy Valentine's Day!

If you were a bird, I would wish you strong wings, because birds need freedom. If you were a flower, I would wish you the brightly shining sun, because flowers need warmth. If you were sea, I would wish you the biggest storm, because only storm define the power of sea. But you are a human, so I wish you love, huge and endless like the sea! Happy Valentine's Day!

This feeling has a name of Love.... It is so powerful and fragile.... It makes you dizzy like a good wine.... It makes the world go round..... Happy Valentine's Day! Love is the crown of the nature...

Love is the crown of the nature.... It creates differences between all beings, separates them, so that they could unite and be together again..... A few drops of love repays for the full cup of worries.... So fell in love and love forever! Happy Valentine's Day!